With plenty of new world technology available for companies to use and abuse, campaigns are popping out after one another competitively using new features such as using ‘invisible advertisements‘, Twitter gambling¬†and how about the 3-D holographic concert?

The basic step to modern campaigning would start with social media. I have to admit, I log into either my Facebook or Twitter account at least once a day. Maybe I am still in denial, but I still would not categorise myself as a Facebook addict or anywhere between those lines. Logging onto Facebook or checking your Twitter feed has become one of those daily things you just randomly do, like for example- making your bed I suppose.

How many of these Social Media icons can you recognize?

Social media has already been integrated with many of today’s marketing strategies with its capability of becoming a successful business tool. The case is not as easy as creating a basic fan page on Facebook anymore. Companies constantly need to up their game and create good social media campaigning strategies in order to win customers’ hearts.

‘Different’ and ‘new’ is key in social media campaigning. Allowing the public to partake in your social media campaign is an A+++ ordeal. However, crowd control is important as well as you wouldn’t want your campaign to spin out of hand. For example, Domino’s Australia made a good move with the Social Pizza, which allowed users of the Domino’s Social Pizza app to vote and create their own pizza.

Here was a infographic statistic released by popular the Photography Social Media app Instagram, a successful app which allowed users to upload photos, apply filters and share through the Instagram world. Instagram made a great move by allowing people to share online with just photos- you could hashtag# different words to your photos and make your own community online through photos.

In my opinion, I think utilising social media as a campaign tool is a brilliant idea. Not only does it save costs, human resources- it also allows you to explore the limitless ways of manipulating technology to further create new ways to campaigns. The only hard thing would be thinking of a new campaigning strategy, I would say!